The average CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management) that most businesses use are actually hurting them more than they’re helping them. In this short blog, you will understand why CRM’s suck and what you can start doing to make sure you pick the best one for your business!

Your Business’s CRM Should…

  • be simple to use
  • accomplish a specific goal
  • motivate your sales team to FOLLOW UP
  • provide the most important reports you should be analyzing daily
  • show you the ACTUAL ROI of your marketing efforts
  • What Should Your CRM Accomplish?

    Your CRM should accomplish one simple thing; bringing more money to your business. The way you do this is by turning average people into leads, educating those leads why they should buy from you, and keep them coming back year after year.

    Why Most CRM’s Suck…

    Most CRM’s suck because they are building the software tool to please the VC’s or Investors. The investors like to know that the product they’re investing in has a lot of functionality. The people who are running and developing the CRM also feel the pressure so they add functionality that it does NOT need.

    The simple way to put it is… most CRM’s are NOT built for the user. They are built for the investors.

    AdGiraffe CRM is Wild…

    Now, we might be bias but we believe that what we are saying is 100% true. We believe that our CRM is exactly what small to medium size businesses need right now. It’s user friendly, clear cut, in-expensive, and shows your monthly ROI. With that combination… who could refuse to at least give it a shot?

    Built For The User… Not The Investor.

    Good for you, AdGiraffe was built by 100% Bootstrapping it. This means that we used ZERO dollars of investor money. We simply built a product that businesses love which, in turn, pays for it’s self.  We also work with our clients to help customize their CRM to just the way they like it… pretty cool, right? Yeah, we thought so too! 🙂

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