We all have seen it.. and we all hate to see it. “This auction just raised their Buy Fee to $450… that auction just raised their Buy Fee to $700… the other auction just charged me for a technology success fee!”

Remember when car buying used to be somewhat affordable and sometimes, dare I say, fun?

The factory sales used to have people walking around with trays full of Hors D’Oeuvres… refreshing drinks… and dessert!

Now all we get is sweat running down our brow… cars we very much so overpaid for… and buyer success fees on top of all the other “technology success” fees that we acquire.

Let’s take control of the market and Make Buying Cars Affordable Again!

How exactly do you do that?

    1. My team and I will create ads for your dealership that attract the right sellers at the right time.
    2. You let the surrounding communities know that you are looking to buy cars RIGHT NOW.
    3. My team gives you access to the AdGiraffe Follow Up tool that converts those sellers into “Take my car right now’ers”.
    4. You buy cars right and sell them faster than ever before.

We only like to work with one Car Dealer in each city because this ensures that you get the first shot at buying the cars in your local communities.

Interested in seeing if your market area is up for grabs? Text us today @ (814) 621-4876 or click here to set up a free strategy session with us!



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