A Car Dealer’s 4 step guide to buying more cars off the street.

    1. Set up a Facebook Business Manager Account.
    2. Connect your Page and build out a Lead Generation Campaign.
    3. Integrate with your Dealership’s CRM.
    4. Follow up and make the offer!

Buying used cars isn’t exactly the easiest part of being a Car Dealer. It can be stressful, expensive, and time consuming.

But… What if you could have people reaching out to you with valuable information that could cut your time to purchase in half as well as your cost to acquire in half?

You’re in luck because now you can. With modern day technology and a little help from us here at AdGiraffe, we can help you acquire more Used Cars for well under MMR and without all those high auction fees. We’re ready to help you get your name out there and have the surrounding communities reaching out to YOU letting you know that they want to get rid of their current vehicle.

Here’s how we do it.

    1. AdGiraffe helps you create your own Business Manager and your own ad campaigns.
    2. AdGiraffe will set up all of your follow up automations so that every lead gets contacted within 60 seconds which leads to a higher engagement rate.
    3. Higher enggement means more offers.
    4. More offers means more Used Car purchases.

Interested is seeing if our solution can work for you? Give us a call or shoot us a text message today @ (814) 621-4876

PS. Book a free strategy session with us by clicking here! We’d love to help you implement our system into your store to start buying more cars off the street.

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