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Why we are dedicated to our dealership clients

“Here at AdGiraffe, we help you get in front of the right people who actually want to buy what you have to offer. The best thing… No one is marketing their dealership in this unique way. This means you can stand out from all of your competitors and no longer have to compete on price alone.

At AdGiraffe, we are dedicated to providing the best quality results possible in the automotive industry. We are dedicated to our dealer clients because WE WORK FOR YOU. You pay us to sell more cars at your store. So that’s what we do.”

Luke MaurerAdGiraffe Founder

AdGiraffe Founder

Luke Maurer is one of seven children. He grew up in a small town just 5 miles from his family Ford dealership in rural Pennsylvania. He knows what it’s like to have to compete with the big time dealers who will lose thousands of dollars on a vehicle just to try and take a customer from your small family owned business.

Well… He found what keeps customers coming back and he turned it into a system to help other dealers (outside of his competition zone, of course – lol) to sell more units. Now Luke strives to create and maintain the best automotive helping team known to man.

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