Every Car Dealer knows that stocking their inventory with quality cars for the right price is a recipe for success. If you’d like to start buying more cars off the street and stop relying so heavily on trade-ins and the auto auctions… You’ve stumbled across the right blog!

We are AdGiraffe, and since 2019 we’ve been helping Car Dealers Buy More Cars off the Street and attracting more Seller Leads than ever before.

We not only create and run the ads that attract Car Sellers for Car Dealers but we also show our Dealer partners how to…

1.) engage the lead quickly

2.) get the VIN, Miles, and Pictures of their current vehicle within 5 minutes

3.) and turn that Seller Lead into a business transaction that results in a high gross deal

The best part is that not many dealers have figured out how to do this which means there are more car deals out there for you to take advantage of!

My name is Luke Maurer and the Car Business is in my blood. I love making deals happen and I love advancing the Automotive Industry as much as I’m able. AdGiraffe is an automotive marketing company that helps Car Dealers Buy and Sell more Cars without spending an arm and a leg to do it.

Enough about me.. Let’s start talking about how to MAKE MORE CAR DEALS happen when we generate you a Seller Lead.

In order to turn those new Seller Leads into customers, AdGiraffe will send an automated, personalized text message and email within seconds. This will engage the lead and get them talking with you ASAP and increase the chances to make a deal.

When AdGiraffe fills your CRM with people who want to sell you their vehicle… The customer isn’t always going to be easy. We have to have an open mind and always overcome their objections.

1.) We ask them if they want to replace their vehicle and if so, we build off of that and find out what we think we can sell them out of our inventory and then move farther down the sales process.

If they are hesitant, then we get their VIN, Miles, and photos of their vehicle ASAP to ensure that we might have a great opportunity to pursue.

2.) If they don’t want to replace their vehicle, we figure out how they came up with their number and then we try to get them into the dealership so we can see the vehicle in person. This is where we have the upper hand in helping the customer make a Buying/Selling decision.

These two steps above only work if the salesperson, or whoever is calling the leads, has an open mind and isn’t easy to give up. Luckily for you, I will personally help implement the Follow Up System into your store to make our Seller Lead Ads work for you!

Interested in working together? Click here and let’s set up a time to talk!

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