If you run a Car Dealership, then this is what you should be doing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1.) Do everything you can to make sure your staff and customers are staying healthy; both physically and mentally.

2.) Let your customers/community know that you are there for them during this tough time. Create weekly/daily social media posts in order to keep people engaged with you.

3.) Start advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Ad costs are at a record low which means you can have more eyeballs on your marketing message for a much cheaper cost than a few weeks ago. Don’t miss this opportunity!

4.) Since manufacturer’s are offering such great incentives in order to help people during this time, you need to get the word out there! Create ad campaigns that are educational and perhaps even entertaining.

5.) Keep re-marketing to those who engage with your ads/website. Keep them in the loop with what is going on in the car buying world.


If you do this during the COVID-19 pandemic… then KUDOS to you! You will notice much better marketing results and ROI come a few weeks or months from now.

At AdGiraffe, we would like to wish you and your dealership the absolute best. We know that this time is very serious but we also know that it is a time that we should be helping people find vehicles in order to live their lives!


If you’re a Dealer, GM, Service, Parts, or Finance Manager and you’d like to take advantage during this time then please reach out to us.


We are dedicated to our dealer clients and we have the skills to help market your store the way it should be marketed.


Best of luck during these challenging times,

AdGiraffe Team

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